With a heavy heart, we want to thank you- our loyal customers- for 7 amazing years, and to let you know that we have closed our doors for now. 
We are passing the baton on to Ashley, from AJ Cakes (http://www.aj-cakes.com/). We are confident that you will support her as you have us, and trust that you will be thrilled with her goodies. She's extremely talented. 
As for us, we are taking a little time to regroup. Many of you know, Adriana will be having surgery in the next few weeks. Her health is our priority. Once she is well, we hope to resurface. Please keep us in your thoughts. We will also resume shipping out artisan nut cakes all over the continental US, shortly (ArtisanNutCakes.com).  
For those who wish to stay in touch, please email MadridBakery@gmail.com. Both Adriana and Sergio will see your messages. 
Our deepest and most sincere thanks ❤️
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